Learner Support

A* Student Support

We have a wide range of services to help you succeed. Our priority is to help you get settled into the college and onto your course and give you the support and guidance you need for this.

Our staff can help with everything from benefits and housing to emotional support or just be someone to talk to!

We can help you manage your coursework and can also work with you to identify the best techniques and tactics to do this.

We have students with a wide range of needs and we work with each to create individual support plans including particular exam arrangements, help with exam techniques, study skills, revision skills, organisation skills and much more.

We offer support in and out of class, as needed including personal one-to-one support. We’re with you all the way!

Communication Support Workers (CSW)/Interpreter

A Communication Support Workers (CSW)/Interpreter service is available from Stockton Riverside College for deaf/hard of hearing learners who may require additional support in class to receive information and communicate with peers and teaching staff in class. The support will be tailored to their individual needs address, such as:

  • Communicating the spoken English into British Sign Language
  • Note taking
  • Lip reading
  • Communicating written English text and clarifying meaning
  • Increase the learner’s confidence and involvement in class by promoting interaction with peers

CSW support can be arranged by contacting Learning Support on 01642 865407 or emailing studentsupport@stockton.ac.uk.